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December 6, 2016


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Special offer: save up to 25% off all Piriform products with this Piriform coupon code. Priform products include CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy.

A Closer look at Piriform’s CCleaner: the award winning computer cleaning software.

Piriform and CCleaner are right now synonyms with quality and performance – and the aforementioned product has been for pretty much a decade. It’s reliable, updated and most important, it’s free. The latest installment of CCleaner continues the tradition, by having additional features, fixing the few glitches reported by users and of course remains totally free. The competition is fierce in this sector, but I struggle to fathom that anyone using this product can have any reason to even get a different program.

The first thing you should do is stop the spyware programs that are starting at boot up. You can do this in many ways but one way I would suggest would be to download the software, install this program then run it. Once you’ve loaded the application, you will see tabs on the left side. Click on the Startup tab to find out a summary of programs which can be starting up as soon as your computer boots up. Remove the check from programs which are obviously spyware programs. When the computer reboots, these programs will not likely start back.

The Piriform fix in a few clicks

All you need is a fairly easy little program for example, a short while of time – and in a few short ticks the problem is fully gone. As the phrase goes “it’s not nuclear physics,” although it is about the science of cleaning up after oneself. What is germane though is that Piriform’s CCleaner is worth it’s weight in disk space, and gold of course.

On the whole, this dual scan sign of this program causes it to be among better registry cleaners you possibly could easily get without having to pay. It is also the point that positions CCleaner as a better all-around to RegCure, yet though the latter has a much better tech support and interface and above all it can be adware free in order to sleep through the night.

To wrap up, this software may very well be registry optimizer as it will give you the power to take out the junk from your computer. In addition to registry cleaning and junk cleaning, what’s more, it provides you with the ability to get rid of the programs that you do not want on your hard drive. The program remove feature is based on your Control Panel’s Add/Remove Program. Use our Piriform Coupon Code to get the best deal.

Use Defraggler to get that speed back

Now that you have got your drives cleaned up you will now want to apply some metaphorical polish. Defragging your hard drives will help to restore speed and overall performance. And this is where Piriform’s Defraggler comes into its own. Defraggler is not just any ordinary defrag application. It works with HDD and SSDs alike. It supports major file types such as NTFS and FAT32. It also has the ability to support the defragmentation of single files as well as entire drives. This program makes the process of defragging a simple procedure and, potentially, it has the capability to become your computer’s best ally. Doing a daily or weekly defrag should become routine because it helps with the sorting of files and folders, that may have gone missing. The best part of this procedure is that it is easy to do and the benefits are priceless.


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