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About Gravity Forms

When all is said and done, Gravity Forms is the world’s numero uno contact form plugin for WordPress. The default choice among WordPress bloggers its popularity is on the up. And for commendable reasons. Among the many factors that contribute to this is its simplicity. And Rocketgenius – the architects of this premium product – have understood the crucial nature of its need to be simple. An intelligent construction it’s a plugin which has undoubtedly been cleverly thought though with all kinds of users in mind. There are many great points to make about this product but the most important one again is simplicity of use. Simplicity of use for ordinary people whatever they are working on is paramount. On the feature front, it sports the capability to go from simplistic operation to technically advanced operation – suiting all levels of blog and website owners. And with brilliant options like developing multi-plus page forms not being enough, you are even granted the capacity to track where your site users are in the form filling process.

Licensing options

The plugin can be owned using by way of 3 separate license offerings: a Gravity Forms Developer License, a Business License, and a Personal license. All of those supply the basics while more demanding operators will be definitely be attracted to some of the more advanced options. The Developer package is gear towards those webmasters who need to have the power to put together a limitless production of sites for clients and so on. The Business option, on the other hand, provides you the capacity to preside over three websites. The Personal one choice – as you might have fathomed – only enables you to do the one. All come fully complete with anti-spam guarding, automated-responders, limitless import and export entries. You also get 12 months of free updates and assistance – which is great given the exceptional value of all the packages. In summary, this WordPress plugin is really useful, and given that we had the fortune to take a closer look, it’s more than easy enough to see why. It is certainly a product that you can use with the upmost confidence.


This particular offering, which is decidedly the most sought after, offers users the tools to put together an infinite number of sites using this WordPress contact solution. So for those individuals that design premium websites and blogs alike this route will almost certainly be the look you will look to go down. Moreover this is a route that comes highly recommended. A sensible option that will save you both time and money. And we could all do with a lot more of that, needless to say.


If you own a business or two this license may just serve you best. That said, if you are ambitious or just someone who see wants more flexibility we’d recommend going for the developer option which doesn’t limit you to three site. Nevertheless, we are sure that there are many situations whereby the need for no more than three sites will be necessary, as such this will be fine. Indeed, three websites will prove more than plentiful for certain projects.


And for the single user, that one individual: a WordPress based blogger or website owner, a person or entity that simply requires a premium contact plugin solution to mimic the quality and sophistication of their internet presence, this will be the route for them. High-end construction for little outlay makes it an absolute steal. So if this is all you need then you will very much be a more than adequate solution.

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