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September 19, 2016


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When you are browsing through the web or checking your mail, it is rather common to find unknown pop-ups and strange URL links, which cause you to fraudulent websites. There have been numerous instances of individuals and employees of well-known brands simply clicking these pop-ups and URL links and losing their vital corporate and personal data. This is popularly generally known as Phishing and it is a vicious byproduct of social engineering, that aims to rob you off your private data and also corrupt your computing device.

Software and OS play a huge role in determining your PC’s security. Therefore you have to be extra careful about them. The best way out is by using an OS such as Linux or Macintosh which are more unlikely being infected by a virus. In case you’ve a Windows-based system, make certain you have installed it patches and updates so that virus authors aren’t able to exploit the vulnerabilities. You are recommended to use security patches even for internet browsers specifically if you are using Internet Explorer. The other exit is with more secure browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Another big attack by Storm worm worldwide was in January 2007. The Storm worm originally posed as breaking news of bad weather hitting Europe. Over time, the worm was also noticed in e-mails with the following subjects: personal greetings, reports that Saddam Hussein remains alive, reports that Fidel Castro is dead, sexy women, YouTube, and also blogs. On April 1, 2008, a fresh storm worm came into existence with all the theme of April Fools day subject titles.

The botnet in addition has known to attack the net operations of some security vendors and researchers who attempted to investigate the botnet. Security expert Joe Stewart said that in late 2007, the operators with the botnet begun to further decentralize their operations, in possible intends to sell portions from the Storm botnet with operators. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation considers the botnet a significant risk to increased bank fraud, id theft, and also other cybercrimes.

Thus, we view that new-age solution providers of anti-Phishing software/solutions let the organizations to judge their employees’ aptitude towards Phishing attacks. The solution hence not merely specializes in computing equipment and also about transforming people’s viewpoint about Phishing and overall IT/software security.

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